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Unfolding a new conscious world…

The book THIS CREATIVE EXISTENCE – Unfolding a new conscious world” offers a deep understanding of our current era and its compelling changes.

The beautiful form of the book leads the reader’s full spectrum of intelligences to combine and experience an expanded view of reality, extending well beyond our prior learning.

It unites science, ancient wisdom, sacred geometry, physics, biology and the arts into a commonly shared consciousness. A unity previously glimpsed only in fragments within a range of disciplines.

The seven phases in the book takes the reader spiraling into higher and higher stages of inner consciousness:
The world in transformation
The path to happiness
The physiological context of mankind
The frequencies that create us
Different volumes of reality
The characters of light and darkness
The journey to consciousness and the world of magic

Energy unfolds expansively and creates realities abundantly.

Reading the book evokes the same fusion of our intelligences  as occurs within these disciplines,  a necessary developmental stage for experiencing reality behind the veil of the dramas of the world.

An intelligent and magical world is revealed, that has through its prevailing self-emergence taken over the calculated existence built on dualistic thinking, of good and evil, of winner and losers.

The new world reveals its essential nature as unity, accelerated by modern technique and the blending of cultures.